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Public Relations (PR)

Get Featured On
FOX, USA Today, Forbes, Music outlets and more!

Get published on our network of over 200 influential news sites that receive 100 million visitors every month for a massive boost in exposure and search rankings.

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Marketing That Gets Results!

Boost your online presence with higher search rankings and more buyers to your site! Need more exposure? We've got you covered. Our team of experienced writers can craft the perfect news story to generate interest in your brand. We then publish the story on over 200 news sites to bring you massive exposure and even sales! Start today and be published in just 7 days.

Drive qualified buyers to your website by publishing on high-traffic news sites. Each publication acts as a landing page to warm up buyers to your brand and offer before clicking through to your site.

Increase Sales

Generate more sales by installing our customizable "As Seen On" trust badge on your website. This badge improves conversion rates by up to 48% by building trust and legitimacy with your visitors. The sad truth about press releasescat-400-transparent.

Most press releases do nothing. Here’s why. Most companies expect one press release to change their business. If it doesn’t, they stop sending press releases.

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Most advertisements do nothing initially, but companies don’t stop advertising: they test, tweak, and test again until they see incremental improvements. Why would you stop press releases after a single try?

Here's How It Works
We improve your brand's exposure by writing and publishing a news story on our huge network of news sites. Our skilled team can write about any topic!


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