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How we used content marketing to boost the sales revenue of Z.E.N – A Food Delivery Service business From 10% - 98% in 6 Months

Before we delve into how we were able to boost the sales revenue of Z.E.N(Zero Effort Nutrition) From 10% – 98% in 6 Months, let’s consider a few of these stats:


  • Only 29% of buyers want to talk to a salesperson to learn more about a product,
  • 57% of buyer decisions are made before buyers even pick up a phone to speak to a supplier,
  • And 34% of salespeople admit that closing deals is getting harder.
Marketing tactic Rating as Effective
Engaging customers via educational webinars and Seminars
Engaging new contacts with panodic content. such as e-newsletlers
Engaging and educating customers with product trials
Engaging and educating customers with whitepapers and e-books
Generating leads via promotional marketing collateral
Motivating response via offers and incentives in exchange for contact information
Generating sales leads with limited-lime discount and offers
Engaging new contacts with interactive tools such as apps. calculators. Or Widgets

In this case study, we’ll be learning how we boosted the sales revenue of a food delivery service with tailored content marketing. You’ll also understand why most prospects want to buy, but don’t like being sold to.

Predominantly, we’ll be focused on the stages/strategies we used that made this campaign a huge success. And they include:

  • Discovery
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Retention and Expansion


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In this stage, we focused on bring prospects to the awareness level we needed them to be in. What did we do here? We talked about nutritional issues that they didn’t know were harmful. And instead of providing solutions to these issues immediately, we focused talking about the origins and consequences of these issues.

The goal in this stage was to build an initial connection.

Plus, we explicitly targeted their pain areas and assisted them in properly comprehending their problem by publishing did-you-know blogs, Why X is this and Y is that, and the likes.

This way, we were able to get them to the second stage seamlessly

Key point: Remove your sales hat to avoid scaring away prospective consumers who aren’t yet ready to purchase. Instead, utilize content to bring prospects through the content marketing funnel to the consideration stage.


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Once the human mind is aware of a problem, it begins to search for the best solution. Again, we didn’t press for the sale in this stage. Why? Well, most people in the consideration stage are usually confused as they are sorting through solutions to get the best one.

Instead of asking them to buy, we provided clarity by providing specific information that helped them decide on the exact solution they needed. In this stage, we published a lot of comparison blogs that allowed prospects distinguish easily.

This way, they were able to gain clarity on how to solve their problem and what they needed to do or buy precisely.

In this stage, we also learnt that prospects investigate various sorts of solutions and providers throughout the contemplation stage and begin to compile a list. Although they may research product categories and brands, they are unlikely to make a purchase. Prospects at this level desire additional information about their possibilities.

This stage’s content should assist your audience evaluate possibilities and display your industry experience and authority. Distinguish yourself from the competition by demonstrating why your solution is the better alternative. Testimonials, case studies, and use cases are all fantastic content types for boosting your reputation.

Key point: During the consideration stage, try not to press for a sale. Rather, define your value offer and lead prospective clients through the conversion process.


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Once they got clear on what they wanted, they needed a solution/product that fulfilled that exact want or need. And this is where sales were made. However, the sale started from the discovery stage

This stage was only easy as because we were able to convince them that we cared about them more than the sale.

In this stage, we underlined our value, minimized risks, and encourage prospects to buy. We also presented coupons, free trials, rebates, and other incentives that encouraged prospects to take the next step at this level.

Key point: It should be simple to persuade prospects to pick your brand if you done your job well throughout the discovery and decision phases. Likewise, the inverse is true. Low-quality material in the first two phases makes convincing prospects to purchase from you exceedingly tough.

Retention and Expansion

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We didn’t just stop at the conversion stage as it doesn’t end there. We went further to nurture them with more informative content and as well as notify them of any new product, discount deal they could harness.

Key Point: When a new consumer makes a purchase, the content marketing funnel does not stop. To boost CLV, retention marketing involves studying and extending the client lifetime. This might include convincing current consumers to purchase the same things again or introducing them to new products and services.

Email marketing, newsletters, retargeting advertisements, direct mail, loyalty programs, and special discounts are examples of content used in this phase.


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