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Marc Illy

Marc illy


Yourhouse Marketing is all about one thing. Results! Founded by Los Angeles musician and entrepreneur Marc illy. Marc isn’t new to the marketing world, he has had a Digital Marketing company for the past 10 years and has created a fresh new approach with Yourhouse marketing. He was one of the first people to own and start a Social Media marketing firm in 2012. Him and his team understand that marketing online is ever changing and fast moving, strategies need to be updated and optimized often to see good results, otherwise you will get left in the dust. Having a partner on your side who has experience, is verified online, plus diverse, gives us the opportunity to work with all kinds of businesses, artists, individuals and more to achieve great results.

Our main motive is to provide the best quality, most up to date marketing services while maintaining the honor of our client’s vision. We aim to show results and good quality for every service we offer. The goal of the company is to relay that feeling of ease & comfort you get in your own home, while working with us. Welcome to Yourhouse marketing!

Justin Elias

Vice President of Sales

Marc’s older brother, Justin; VP of sales has teamed up with his brother to work with Yourhouse Marketing. With 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Justin learned different aspects of the business and continued to follow the requirements to continue in the industry. He has now shifted focus on marketing and helping small and medium sized business grow. Justin is a natural sales leader and has been successful in many different sales positions. He graduated from Chapman University with a BA in Business administration. The 2 brothers work side by side smoothly, and often argue about what to order for lunch and when they should go home and sleep, as both are born workaholics just like their father.


Justin Elias

What we promise

We are here to ensure our full potential towards marketing your brand throughout the world. We fulfill the actions like preparing a creative and innovative web page. The quality of our content is always authentic and reliable. We assure you to put whatever it requires to attract more traffic to your product or services. Entirely dedicating our skills to enable your brand with innovative ways of promotion, we believe in taking it towards new heights popularity.

We study the pattern and trends of the digital advertising platforms to promote your business on many different media and increase the responses to your brand. Our hard work for our customers will bring fruitful results.


YouHouse Marketing prioritizes making effective strategies that primarily focus on your business growth and profitability. We keep on discovering new levels of creative plans to help you reach your marketing goals.

Meeting Discussions

How we do it?

Our team of professional marketers works to help your brand establish a lasting position in the industry by researching all the innovative ways of promoting it. Our specialized ideas contribute to empowering your business. Analyzing different mediums through which we could enable you the best, we tackle each boundary that could hold it from success. The leading market analysts at YourHouse Marketing go through all the research that could support highlighting your brand among the sea of competitors. Our work environment involves dedication towards making you towards prosperity.

Hence, we are here to put our best in making you excellent strategies. Our top advertising options make your brand look
more compelling to the world. YourHouse Marketing helps you to gather organic leads and thus, provides you the opportunity towards revenue. From effective advertising schemes and Search Engine Optimization to creative profile handling, we put our full potential in all.