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Youtube Marketing Services

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YouTube has been the most prominent video streaming platform online, the second biggest search engine after Google, and the second-largest social media network after Facebook (Meta). As a social media platform, we can connect your business directly with your customers. Unlike most social media platforms, through YouTube, we would provide an engaging and identifiable experience to people through videos.


YouTube can be an effective tool for identifying a business or a creators’ target audience, assisting you with every element of YouTube marketing. Our specialized marketing team provides the best promotional services throughout the world, supporting your brand to attain the popularity it deserves. Be it optimization, distribution, analytics, or feedback; we enable our best.

Our team of social media managers, strategists, and consultants can deliver a full suite of YouTube management services that encompass:

  • Creating your brand YouTube channel
  • Developing a strategy to design key performance metrics such as watch time, views, reach, audiences, and engagement.
  • Coordinating marketing efforts and utilizing benefits with content strategists and project managers for execution
  • Providing ongoing reporting and analytics of the channel
  • Responding to comments on the channel

We are here to create all kinds of advertising, innovative, compelling videos to gain reach and responses to your brand. With our creative Youtube marketing services, we enhance the highlights of your brand to the selected consumers. Through creatives videos on Youtube, our advertising tactics attract the target audience to your product or service.

  • Increasing total views
  • Increasing average view duration
  • Keeping optimum video length
  • Use keywords in titles, captions, tags, descriptions, categories, and channel pages
  • Incorporate backlinks and embeds
  • Difference between Positive and negative engagements
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Channel authority
  • Days since published
  • Video description length

Reach out to us today at YourHouse Marketing to benefit from our variety of services. Our team of talented individuals will help strategically use Youtube Marketing in your favor and help connect and create trust within your target audience.