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How we boosted the social media conversion rate of Lotus Plant Energy with User Generated Content from 5% to 98% in 10 months

Working with various businesses has taught us that they are continuously seeking for new ways to incorporate user-generated content (UGC).

In this case study, we’ll share the results of a few experiments we conducted for Lotus Plant Energy, an eCommerce company that offers plant-based energy beverages, to demonstrate how using user-generated content (UGC) in strategic places on an Instagram profile page may boost conversion rates.

We specifically curated and displayed photos on their Instagram profile page, which resulted in a 13 percent increase in conversion rate.

In this post, we’ll discuss what we learnt along the way, including:

  • Why this worked psychologically.
  • How to use user-generated content (UGC) and social media to boost conversion rates.
  • How to implement what you’ve learned in your eCommerce company.

CRO Test for the Lotus Plant Energy Instagram Challenge

The quality of the photos is a key aspect of having UGC work for increases conversion rates. Similar to their own product photography, eCommerce businesses should think about their user generated content strategy. High-quality photographs will raise product demand and, most likely, conversion rate.

Instead of choosing random UGC photographs for Lotus Plant Energy, we picked amazing images from a challenge Lotus Plant Energy held on their Instagram feed that captured consumers’ attention.

IG Followers Drip Feed

With our help, Lotus Plant Energy was able to build a loyal and substantial brand following, with over 14,000 Instagram followers. They recently held a contest to gather UGC images from loyal customers and Instagram users. This notion, together with the AB test we conducted, ensured that the best content was shown on their Instagram profile page, exceeding all expectations.

Instagram Fancy Drinks Page

To ensure that consumers purchase and appreciate these items, we handpicked and uploaded outstanding contest photographs to category sites as a value add (as shown above).

We went over each category and selected our favorites for this test. We searched for unusual locations and consumers doing interesting activities, rather than the standard “I’m holding the product in front of a door shot.” That’s not interesting.

This contest helped to reinforce the brand perception of one of Lotus Plant Energy’s key customer segments: everyday people who simply love looking healthy—and how they love consuming these products—due to the company’s diverse customer base, which includes camping and hiking enthusiasts, outdoor adventure seekers, and social individuals.

Customers who have had their images posted also feel special. They believe the company remembers them, which increases brand loyalty and encourages them to purchase more things.

How to Motivate Your Consumers to Create Engaging User-Generated Content

UGC works best when you tap into your most engaged customers on social media and then offer them a reason to share their content with you.

Empathize with them and understand their motives to motivate them.

In this case, we wanted to be able to credit them in a manner that would give them the “notoriety” they desired. This entails providing a reward that encourages others to participate.

It's Important to Test UGC in Multiple Locations Before Calling It a Success or Failure

Because the homepage is the first page that virtually everyone visits and receives the most traffic, it’s a logical spot to start doing CRO experiments.

However, we often see businesses declare something a success or failure after just a brief test on the site. That isn’t necessarily the location with the most profound influence.

How to Use Social Proof to Increase Sales

The fact that it shows actual individuals utilizing their products in real life is the fundamental reason for its success. Although it may seem straightforward, few eCommerce firms successfully use social proof.

Furthermore, the influence of social media platforms is often overlooked. Everyone thinks of social media as a way for people to engage, but only a few businesses realize how it might affect their conversion rate.

This clearly demonstrates how social media material may be effectively utilised on your site to accomplish the latter.

You may utilize UGC material like Instagram posts to enhance your conversion rate if you have a strong brand and a social following with interested people.

Don’t dismiss social media platforms because you believe they won’t affect purchasing decisions.


While Lotus Plant Energy’s UGC strategy was successful, every business should derive its unique strategy for conversion rate. If you’re looking to notch up your social media conversion rate, we’ve got you covered at Yourhousemarketing.

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