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Lupus foundation for America

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How we improved the awareness of Lupus foundation for America from 10% to 90% in 2 Years

Before we kicked off the Lupus campaign, we reviewed past campaign creatives and redefined their approach to messaging tactics. Based on what we learned, we moved them towards emotional storytelling and urgency-driven messaging.

With three focused strategies, we were able to improve the awareness level of the Lupus campaign.

Here is what we did:

Coordinated our effort

Campaign Statistics

We created a completely coordinated marketing plan based on data from our audit, which included concept messaging, a thorough email schedule, and paid media tactics. We suggested taking a more active approach to email scheduling and urgency. This necessitated that we used urgency-inclined headlines in our emails.

We also promoted several posts on Instagram with the use of visuals that informed people on how they can get adequate help and fight lupus.

Lotus facts:

Most of our posts were benefit-driven.

Maximized our search

We used an always-on sponsored search strategy to ensure that it was visible for inquiries connected to its own brand as well as non-branded searches for lupus-related awareness. In this same vein, we created non-branded contents that sought to educate people about lupus as well as raise their awareness level.

The Foundation had a roughly ?X return on income from their search expenses by staying at the top of search results for relevant queries.

Targeted the right audience

Lotus facts: Survey results

To reach Lupus patients who may not read emails, we used Facebook and Instagram to target the Foundation’s email audiences with personalized message encouraging them to join the awareness. To increase urgency, we talked about the underlying effects of not treating lupus early enough. We also encouraged them to spread the news about Lupus.


We saw huge success with Lupus awareness campaign because it was predominantly benefit-driven. If you’re looking to super-charge your marketing campaign. We are only a click away.


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