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How we used tailored visuals to increase the awareness of Muscle Pharm From 20% to 85% within 1 Year

According to statistics, 85% of individuals watch material on numerous devices at the same time. Doesn’t this make you nervous?

This implies that you must provide an outstanding experience for your visitors for them to stay on your website.

And one of the finest possibilities for maintaining their attention is to use visual content.

Why so?

According to John Medina’s Brain Rule Number 10, vision takes precedence over all other senses.

We employed the visual content strategy while running an awareness campaign for Muscle Pharm – An ecommerce business that manufactures and sells energy and weight gain drinks for athletes and bodybuilders.


With tailored visual contents, we were able to take their awareness rate from ?% to ?% within (insert timeframe)

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Targeted visuals to a target demographic

Images may be worth a thousand words, but they don’t always send the same message to everyone – particularly those who aren’t accurately represented in your brand’s visual storytelling.

In the case of Muscle Pharm, we were quite aware of those who needed to buy what they were selling, and this influenced our target decision. And this resulted to a tremendous spread of their brand’s name.

Used fans' pictures to generate marketing content

Muscle Pharm Instagram Pictures

While targeted and branded visuals have their place in the marketing scheme, we can’t underestimate the effect UGC (User Generated Content) can have on a marketing campaign. We were able to get fans to take everyday-like pictures with the product and this fueled prospective consumers to try out the products as well.

Consumers like taking selfies and sharing them with their friends. Why not use their creative efforts in your content marketing instead of disrupting their experience with product images and advertising pitches?

Kept the brand’s identity consistent


This is often an overlooked aspect of visual marketing. We took strong measures to ensure that the brand’s visual identity, including the usage of corporate colors and logos, were unchanged and remained consistent

Whether or not fans are participating in your images, all of your content assets should ideally have the same visual design, so that visitors can easily identify it no matter where it appears or who created it.

Platform-friendly visuals.

We also ensured that the images suited the conversational context and audience preferences in each sharing venue.


Created Visuals Using P.E.A.C.

Most marketers aren’t familiar with the P.E.A.C. standards when developing visual materials for their audience.

Practical, engaging, awe-inspiring, and Credible is what P.E.A.C. stands for.

At least one of these components is always present in a successful marketing campaign. And we harnessed its effectiveness to the max!


Practical Visuals

Workout Instagram pictures

Most of the visuals we used showed bodybuilders and athletes in gym working out. This way, the functional/practical aspect of the product could be seen. Customers want to see your product at work and that is exactly what we showed them.


Entertaining Visuals

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To get the awareness we wanted, we knew the visuals had to be entertaining. This is why we used the photos of good-looking athletes doing interesting workout routines. 


Awe-inspiring Visuals

Weekly Workout Girls

What’s more inspiring than seeing a sexy athlete lift a dumbbell?

Awe must be evoked through viral visual material. But what precisely does it imply? What kind of visual material inspires admiration? In the case of Muscle Pharm, we chose sexy sweaty-looking athletes doing strenuous workout routines. All inspired by Muscle Pharm.


Credible Visuals

Weekly Workouts

The visuals we used showed relatable credibility. This was also an important aspect of our campaign as we needed to show prospects something that looked genuine.



The visuals we used showed relatable credibility. This was also an important aspect of our campaign as we needed to show prospects something that looked genuine.


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Platform-friendly visuals.